Wholesale Program

Join our RetroGenics Wholesale Program

Are you looking for a way to increase your revenue?  By becoming a RetroGenics Provider you can increase your revenue while providing holistic products for people to increase their quality of life.  

What if you could potentially add an additional $3,000 or more in revenue per month to your business?  With our Wholesale program you can do just that!  We sell you the product tax free with a 40% discount.  

Let's Crunch the Numbers...

Our RetroGen ALPHA will sell at a retail price of $89.77.  You will purchase it from us for $53.77.  You will have a mark up of $36.00.  So let's say you buy 100 units of ALPHA at $53.77 per unit, your overhead would be $5,377.  Now you will sell those 100 units for $8,977. You then minus your overhead of $5,377. This will yield you a net profit of $3,600 so you will get a 40% return on your initial investment.  

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