Retrogen ALPHA Testimonials:

“I was feeling rundown, my B12 was low and I wasn’t sure what would help. I tried your product and I am pleased to say that I feel more energetic already. ”

Kathy C.

“I feel that this generation of nutritional supplement is helping me become more energetic. I am diabetic and since taking [ALPHA] my blood sugar is almost normal in the morning compared to months prior of not taking this nutritional supplement. (It) has changed my daily routine by making me more active, energetic and control my appetite.”

Lourdes G.

“Since my son started to take ALPHA he feels much better after playing soccer. My son feels that his muscles recover more quickly after a great effort.”

Claudia M.

“I noticed that I was losing body fat and my muscles were more noticeable. This change occurred without changing my diet or exercise. I also noticed that my joints did not bother me as much and I could move better.”

Dianne M.

“Recommend, Sound Science Behind ALPHA – I have been using this supplement for a month now. I have used other EAAs and honestly I have never felt any difference if I took them or didn’t take them. I drink it during my workouts and feel like I have more energy post-workout when I drink ALPHA.” -

Lynn H.

Pain Relieving Products Testimonial

"I am a Chronic Back & Neck Pain suffer for 20+ years. We were blessed when this product was introduced to us and a little skeptical at first having tried so many other product over the years. Gave it a shot and can't believe the results. It helps with my back and neck pain enough that I can function daily. Something that I have not been able to do for some time. Thank you for bringing this product to the market." 

L. Corso

  "We would like to thank you for bringing RetroGen Pain Products to the marketplace.
My wife has had M/S for over 30 yrs and uses a 3 wheel scooter to get around. Her forearms get very sore and tired from extending her arms to operate the controls of the scooter. Using the RetroGen Pain rollon within 30-40- min. all the pain in her arms has subsided.. She also uses the oral spray product to reduce her usage of morphine. I also use the rollon on my right hip and left shoulder because I have to lift her 30-35 times a day in transferring her from place to place. I use it regularly for pain because my doctor wants me to avoid a hip replacement. I am 72 yrs old and play senior softball twice a week and when the old muscles get sore your RetroGen Pain rollon surely helps. Thanks again for a great product." -

Brent K.  

  "I am amazed at how well the RetroGen Pain spray has worked for me. I have had headaches for years, which sometimes turn to migraines. I have done biofeedback, been in the medical care of neurologists, and gone through testings, nothing I have tried has ever gotten rid of my headaches for any length of time, until I tried the RetroGen Pain spray. I even went to the mountains last weekend at 6,000 feet, for 3 days without a headache the whole time, I don't remember that ever happening. I am sold on this product." -

Nancy L.  

"After having lower back pain for the last 20 years due to a sports injury and car accident I can finally sleep all the way through the night with RetroGen Pain Spray!
It took 7 days of taking the oral spray four times a day for me to feel the difference.
Now, I've been pain free for 60 days! Thank you RetroGenics!" -
Robert B.