How can Cobra Venom Treatments help relieve the symptoms of MS Patients?

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MS, Multiple sclerosis (multiple means many and sclerosis means scar formation), is a chronic and an inflammatory disease of Central Nervous System (CNS). This disease was described by Charcot and Vulpane in 1886, by which 2.5 million people in the world have been affected.

The inflammation in MS causes mutilation and forms plaques and lesions which are located in the white matter of CNS. Because of the inflammatory lesions, the myelin sheath is destroyed in the process of demyelination and when myelin is damaged, transmission of signals through nerves will slow down or destroyed. The loss of the myelin sheath can be replaced by scar tissue where it is called Multiple sclerosis.

According to the domain which is affected, it causes different symptoms like sensory, visual deficiency, bowel, bladder, depression, sexual dysfunction and cognitive impairment. Drugs that are used in this disease are not very effective and patients suffer from many symptoms and adverse effects. These patients also face reduced quality of life.

MS TREATMENT:  Presently, there is no cure for Multi sclerosis but there is an increasing trend of using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) along with venom therapy. People are more into these types of treatment options. These therapies are able to reduce symptoms and could improve the quality of life for MS patients.

VENOM THERAPY: Venom involves the use of bee’s venom, cobra venom, and sea anemone venom.

BEE’S VENOM: Although bee’s sting cause pain - its venom contains peptide, enzyme, and amines that decrease the amount of TNF- α leading to anti-inflammatory effects.

  • COBRA VENOM: Cobra venom contains various compounds like polypeptides, protein, and phospholipase. These can delay the inflammatory demyelination in animal models.
  • In Inflammatory conditions, fibrin is deposited.

    Meanwhile, the brain is permeable to protein in MS and deposition of fibrin leads to the destruction of inflammatory demyelination. And cobra venom can inhibit the inflammatory reaction caused by fibrin exhaustion.

    Generally, the efficacy of cobra venom therapy and studies are limited to experimental models.

    SEA ANEMONE VENOM: Sea anemone venom also produces peptide and protein venom which also plays a major role in the cure of Multi sclerosis patients.

    Hence, the venom especially cobra venom is the most useful cure to reduce and improve the quality of Multi sclerosis patients because it stops the inflammatory demyelination. And as of now there is no reported effective drug for the treatment of MS disease.


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