The Top 4 Amino Acids to Relieve Joint Pain

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As age increases people start experiencing the feeling of tiredness, aching, lacking mobility and joint pains in all over the body.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Miehlke conducts research on bone diseases, he writes: “Despite the fact that bone diseases have been on the increase for decades, scientific research has been able to provide few innovations, as attention has been focused more on combatting typical symptoms. The naturopathic perspective on joint illnesses as a part phenomenon of a modified basic regulation and matrix degeneration can lead to significant advantages for those who later become patients as well as for the community. This is because dietary measures taken in compliance with the newest findings from the matrix research can stabilize joint functions over the long term and prevent the abnormal production of cartilage/matrix components. The medical recommendation regarding the intake of dietary supplements can certainly be justified owing to pre-existing preclinical and clinical investigations as well as practitioner’s personal experience with them.”1

However, there are many supplements which help to reduce these pains. The amino acid is one of those supplements which have the best effects. Here are four best amino acids which helps to relieve the joint pain.

METHIONINE: This sulphur which has amino acid plays a magnificent role in the formation of cartilage and has been found to help stabilize our joint cartilage and also protect tissues from damage.

This is an essential amino acid; however it is not produced by the body so it should be supplemented daily. A sulfur deficiency can cause major complications, in arthritis, even in the initial stages.

Many tests have shown that methionine has this effect on arthritis patients and that it furthermore does so without causing any side-effects.

ARGININE: This amino acid is best for the osteoporosis which mainly belongs to the age-related illness and mostly women suffer from this. Sufferers have a high risk of breaking bones, which then affects entire skeleton.

It also helps to release the hormones within the body, especially the growth of hormones, which improves collagen tissue repair on top of the formation of Nitric Oxide, which acts as a vasodilator and enhances circulation and nutrient transportation via the bloodstream.

Arginine is an important factor for bone creation among other things; it supports the production of collagen.

TAURINE: This is actually the second most important amino acid and found particularly in our skeletal muscle tissues. It enhances the muscle function and repairs them.

Taurine also improves the health of joints by helping to reduce the effects of joints condition which is the result of the intense workout.

Many athletes and bodybuilders experience the pain of joints because of an intense workout. Taurine helps to reduce the effects of exercise-induced stress placed upon various joints within our bodies.

HISTIDINE: This amino acid plays a vital role in maintaining joint health.

Histidine provides potent anti-inflammatory benefits which reduce the painful swelling in and around the joints which are affected badly.

It also helps muscles disorders and joint disease. The use of histidine reduces the swelling and pain of your joints.


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