9 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles with Coconut Oil

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Aging skin loses its ability to regenerate over time. As the fat cells beneath the skin shrink, the inner layers of the skin become thinner and the skin loses its firmness, thus causing wrinkles.

Wrinkles are part of the aging factor and can differ from person to person depending on sun exposure, weight changes, genetics and the use of skin products. Coconut oil can be a way to reduce wrinkles as the antioxidants within it protects the skin from getting damaged.

The following 9 ways state how coconut oil can be used to reduce wrinkles:

  • Coconut oil
  • Using coconut oil without any other ingredient can be very helpful to prevent wrinkles. A person who wants to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles on their skin should gently massage organic coconut oil on their skin until it gets completely absorbed. This should be applied every night before falling asleep and be left overnight.

  • Coconut oil bath
  • Massage coconut oil onto the body until it is completely absorbed and after 30 to 45 minutes take a bath. This is method should be repeated regularly. Another way to use this method is by applying the oil after the bath.

  • Coconut oil with Vitamin E oil
  • In a saucepan heat both the oils till it is combined properly, after which let the oil cool for some time. After cooling down gently massage the oil onto the skin and leave for 15 minutes, after that rinse the oil with warm water. The vitamin E oil helps healing the damaged skin.

  • Coconut oil, yogurt and oatmeal
  • A mixture of these three ingredients should be applied to the skin for 15 minutes and then rinsed with warm water. The oatmeal is used to get rid of the dead skin while the yogurt helps killing the bacteria.

  • Coconut oil, cucumber and Aloe Vera
  • After blending these three ingredients, it should be applied on the skin until it’s completely absorbed. The cucumber and aloe Vera has nutrients that help the skin stay moist and elastic.

  • Coconut oil with cinnamon
  • Cinnamon helps reducing dark spots and it also decreases scars on the skin. The two ingredients should be mixed and applied on the skin for 20 minutes, then washed with cold water and used regularly.

  • Coconut oil and turmeric
  • A tablespoon of the coconut oil along with ¼ teaspoon of turmeric should be mixed and applied on to the skin for 20 minutes and washed with cold water. The turmeric is good for the firmness of the skin and prevents wrinkles.

  • Coconut oil and castor oil
  • Mix together properly a teaspoon of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of castor oil. Apply the mixture and massage until completely absorbed. The castor oil helps to keep the skin smooth and moisturized.

  • Coconut oil with honey
  • ½ a cup of coconut oil, along with 1 tablespoon of raw honey should be combined properly and massaged onto the wrinkles. This mixture should be left on for 45-60 minutes and then washed off. The honey moisturizes the skin and gets rid of the toxins.

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