Learn How to Eliminate Inflammation with Branch-Chain Amino Acids

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Inflammation is not a disease, but it is an ailment that has been a part and parcel of any other medical condition. It is the human body's response to any kind of illness that might have affected them, be it a small cut or bruise to a broken bone.

This is a reflex action caused by the body to protect the organ beneath from coming into direct harm. The swelling or inflammation also helps in triggering the process of healing within the body.

But it is important to remember that swelling and inflammation should be noticed and taken care of as soon as they occur. Many a times the inflammation is a result of some internal injury or infection in some inner organ or damaged tissues.

This is the reason it cannot be ignored. In some cases, if the inflammation goes unattended and unnoticed then it can also turn into a chronic condition which ultimately could bring a lot of health issues and concerns.

There are many effects of inflammation some of the most common and most commonly found are:

  • Many serious ailments are a result of chronic inflammation, like eczema, bowel diseases, asthma, arthritis, but now diseases like Parkinson's, cancer and diabetes are also being connected to inflammation.  As Odd as it may sound, it has been established through research that depression is also a result of inflammation.


Our diets today contain a lot of excess of many unwanted things like fats and sugars and unprocessed carbohydrates.

It is important to understand that humans now need to alter their diets heavily and include natural substances like Retrogen Alpha in higher amounts so that we are able to get the required nutrition and naturally occurring chemicals that our bodies need to function optimally.

Our body needs 21 different types of amino acids to combat various health issues. Out of the 21 amino acids, our own body produces 12 of them, 9 amino acids are needed to be gained through our diets. They are naturally occurring compounds in organic food.

BCAA: These are branch chained amino acids, which are formed by the combination of leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino acids are responsible for promoting cell growth and have an impact on the muscle strength as well.

Through research it has been found that BCAA consumption can actually help reduce inflammation. More positive effects are subject to further research.

Glutamine: This amino acid has important qualities like an antioxidant chemical that actually helps in the reduction of inflammation. This is used by the immune system to prevent many infections and diseases. Beans, spinach, parsley and cabbage are some of the foods that can be consumed to increase Glutamine in the body.

Glycine: This amino acid helps reduce pain that people face due to inflammation. This amino acid helps in the reduction of swelling and suppresses the production of a chemical that is responsible for inflammation.

Since these amino acids are not produced by our body we need to alter diets to help our own body.

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