How to Naturally Support: Mood, Sleep & Weight by Adding this Nutrient to Your Diet

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For almost 5,000 years tea is used as medicine and more than 1,000 years as a simple beverage. Tea is made from the leaves of bush related to flower camellia.

As the Eisai in 1214 AD said: “Tea is a medicine which cures diseases and promotes long life.”

Among the latest discoveries about the tea is that it prevents depression and lowers blood pressure. Although both black and green teas have benefits for health, the main difference is that the black tea is oxidized, which seems to destroy the tea’s bioactivity, but it doesn’t.

Like the researcher of the Agricultural department of US said that “five cups of black tea a day can lower potentially harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and total cholesterol in people with mildly elevated cholesterol.”

And green tea’s amino acid, theanine, is best for extension in life.

This causes changes in body harmony that refresh, relax, enhance the thinking ability and change the mood instantly. The biochemical changes which are provoked by tea are scientifically supported as well, they’re not because of caffeine.

Theanine supports mood:

Theanine is among the few supplement that willingly crosses the blood-brain barrier. It exerts subtle change is brain’s biochemistry.

One of the researchers discovered thattheanine significantly increased dopamine concentrations in the brain.” Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which affects human emotions.

Theanine also increases the alpha waves on the surface of the brain. Alpha wave in the brain is considered to be an index of relaxation. Through this theanine, the brain waves are smoothed out, but not flattened which make the body relax and calm, and alert the mind as well.

Balance the cycle of sleep/wake:

Many citizens of America are suffering from sleep deprivation. The primary reasons for this are stress, depression, and anxiety which are then followed by illness, inactivity, medication and bad sleep environment.

Theanine is the best thing to get rid of them as this has been shown to improve sleep quality as well.

You must be thinking how that is possible since it doesn’t cause drowsiness but promotes mental alertness.

In 2004, Japanese researcher research about this they gave 32 men either 200 mg of theanine or a placebo one hour before bedtime for six days.  Participants were then crossed over to the other treatment group for another six days. Their sleep patterns were recorded on a wrist device.  Although the theanine didn't cause the men to sleep longer, it did help them to sleep better.

Controls fat and muscles:

This is the most important task which everyone wants to achieve, everyone wants to control their body fat. And when fat loss is the goal, calories expenditure is the important task.

Researchers of UK discovered that “hot tea, does wonder for fatigue and vigor.”

The researcher exposed this fact that not only caffeine but the theanine also made the amazing effects in the control of body fat.

In Japan, you’ll find that theanine is the more popular drink than the caffeine. The Japanese consider this fact that theanine is best for rejuvenating, mind-clearing and weight loss.  


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