2 Important Amino Acids That Help Arthritis & Osteoporosis

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Our body requires 21 different types and combinations of amino acids, some of the are naturally produced by our body, but the remaining have to be gained through proper diets and supplements.

The diets that we consume today are all based on artificial flavorings and processed with hundreds of chemicals which ultimately cause more harm than good to our bodies. Arthritis and Osteoporosis, are diseases that are focused on our bones, the ligaments and muscles associated with them.

The general opinion that billions of people around us have is that we need to focus on gaining calcium to help our bones remain stronger and less brittle with age.

What we forget is that there are many other basic chemicals that help our body remain healthy and strong.

Lysine: It is one the most important amino acid that our bodies require.

Lysine should be consumed on regular basis with our calcium and vitamin intake to boost the metabolism and preserve our bone density. Proper intake of lysine, which is mostly present in dry fruits and greens, will help balance the requirement of lysine within our bodies.

Lysine prevents the loss of calcium through our urine and helps our body retain calcium which helps promote better bone health. It has a synergistic effect on our bones as it works in combination with vitamin D.

The other important function that is performed by Lysine is the prevention of breaking down of collagen, which helps keep our bodies muscles intact. Lysine is not produced in our bodies; hence it has to be consumed from other sources.

Foods like nuts, quinoa, pistachios, tempeh, beans and pumpkin seeds all help supplement our body with the necessary Lysine. There are many supplementary vitamins as well that help build Lysine.

Carnitine: This amino acid has the highest concentration in the cardiovascular tissues.

Carnitine is said to help the body bounce back to its normal condition after the body has suffered from a heart attack.

There is also another major advantage of Carnitine, as it is deposited in our skeletal system and helps decrease the deterioration of bones.

The process of withering of bones is a natural one, but with the increased use of Carnitine in the diet it can help decrease the process and strengthen the bones from within.

It is again found in tempeh, avocados, and asparagus. Which are also available as supplements over the counter vitamins.  

These amino acids are not produced by the body, and hence the requirement is to be fulfilled through external sources. Consuming healthy and organic food can in reality help in developing a healthy body.

The mentioned amino acids are a basic part of proteins and hence they can be found in all the protein sources.

Increasing protein in the diet can readily help in maintaining the required supply of amino acids and may prevent many of the ailments which otherwise would attack the body due to deficiency.

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