Anti-Aging Benefits of Carnitine

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Carnitine is essential for the body’s production of energy as well as anti-aging. This nutrient is important for fat metabolism and production of energy in the cell’s mitochondria. You can boost strength levels and improve endurance. It also halts the aging process by increasing their carnitine levels.

Carnitine is produced in the kidney and livers. It is used in the most concentrated forms in the skeletal and heart muscles since it plays the important role of detoxification and energy production. It can also be found in the male sperm and brain cells.  

Carnitine is a bioactive form and it is derived from the amino acid L-lysine. It is a very essential nutrient. Usually the human body produces enough of carnitine but when the body is suffering from conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or using certain medications can reduce the natural production making the need for adding this nutrient to the diet.

Food Sources for Carnitine

Humans are able to create about a quarter of the carnitine requirement for optimal function from amino acids lysine and their cofactors. The other three-quarters of the nutrient is obtained from either a diet of natural occurring carnitine or supplements.  The mother’s breast milk is very high in the nutrient carnitine. This is because newborn babies are not capable of producing their own supply. Plant based foods have very little carnitine and avocados, tempeh which are the richest plants in carnitine have only 2 mg in one serving.

Supplemental Sources for Carnitine

Carnitine is an essential nutrient and found in its bioactive form. Our body is able to produce enough of it naturally during normal conditions but certain illnesses such as digestive stress, medication usage, emotional stress and mental problems can reduce its production. This is why the need for carnitine supplements arises. A recommended natural supplement is RetroGen ALPHA.

Carnitine is the most important nutrient for a healthy mitochondria and ample production of energy. Medical professionals report many patients suffering from a low functionality of the mitochondria. This is usually the case with older adults who are suffering from mental sluggishness, bad memory and fatigue. RetroGen ALPHA improves mental clarity and balances overall health.

Carnitine supplements are very common and recommended by doctors and dietitians to help patients burn fat, restore their energy levels and improve mental performance. Other supplements are the Acetyl-L-Carnitine which have proven to be a superior form.

The most popular form of carnitine supplements is RetroGen ALPHA. Our formulation is suggested to help patients improve their mitochondrial functions, get more energy, improve mental health, gain clarity and improve long-term memory.

Overall RetroGen ALPHA contains all essential amino acids. We have have selected only the best, most bio-available ingredients for our ALPHA formulation. Six of which are patented, four are specifically licensed for our use in the ALPHA formula.

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