6 Ways Amino Acids Benefit Hair, Skin and Health

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Amino acids can do more than help produce new muscle tissue. The human body requires sufficient supply of amino acids to produce protein. Nine different amino acids are required to build muscle tissue which is why everyone needs a balance of amino acids to help strengthen the muscles.

However there is more to amino acids than just building muscles. Read on to find how amino acids can be beneficial for the hair, skin and health in general.

  1. Promotes the Production of Collagen

Arginine amino acids, is a very important amino acid for your skin. It helps promote proper skin function and also plays a major role in collagen production. Collagen helps the skin look fresh and firm.

It protects the skin from environmental factors such as wind and sun as well as pollution. More collagen is always a good thing therefore adding retrogenics to your diet can help maintain healthier skin.

  1. Keeps Skin Hydrated and Moisturized

Amino acid helps you in more ways than just producing collagen; it makes sure the skin is hydrated and protected from damage.

Amino acids keep skin cells surrounded by a thin film of water which helps shield it from harmful UV rays, heat damage and other atmospheric pollutants. The skin is able to make up for any lost moisture with ease because of this film of water.

  1. Balances the pH Levels

Glutamine is another type of amino acid that is essential for your skin because it maintains a healthy pH balance. Acidity causes damage to the skin leading to the decay of skin cells and slowing down skin repair.

By keeping the pH level more on the alkaline side, glutamine protects the skin and promotes the reparation of damaged skin cells.

  1. Reduces Aging

Glutamine has antioxidant properties which mean it helps fight skin aging. Since this amino acid is not naturally produced by the body so if you are not taking enough in your diet, it has to be pulled from another source.

The body pulls glutamine from the muscles reducing the muscle mass and making skin lose its elasticity. This causes the skin to sag, fade and wrinkle. Therefore it is very important to add glutamine to your diet.

  1. Promotes the Burning of Fat

The amino acid Carnitine helps in the body’s natural fat burning process. It is needed for the body to stimulate, transport and burn the fat cells for energy.

Taking carnitine before a workout can help burn more fat while exercising.  You should take it as a pre-workout snack or supplement to promote weight loss and reduce fat.

  1. Makes Hair and Nails Healthier

Methionine is an amino acid that plays an important role in your hair and nails’ health. It produces cellular chains that makeup the hair and nails.

Methionine helps strengthen the hair and nails and also helps in reducing hair loss. Taking this amino acid increases hair growth and produces keratin needed for healthier nails.

“A recommended amino acid supplement is RetroGen ALPHA, says Dr. Tom Macek. “Amino Acids are essential for a balanced overall health. Therefore you should supplement amino acids into your diet to be sure you are getting your daily essential nutrients.”

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