6 Amino Acids for Top Athletic Performance

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Athletes need to give their best day in day out if they are to succeed. The competition is immense at the world stage. Hence, only the finest of them prevail.

The top athletes have to take great care of their bodies as it is vital to their performance. Without it, they cannot compete and become a champion. Keeping the body in good shape, going to the gym and training in their respective field is necessary.

However, the intake of diet is equally if not more important. Top athletic performance requires giving careful consideration to the food intake.   

Whenever the phrase diet for athletes is stated, it is always followed by an emphasis on amino acids and proteins. This is done rightly so.  Amino acid supplements play a pivotal role in the growth of an athlete’s body.

This, in turn, helps them to perform well. A well-maintained body with sufficient exercise and a planned diet can lead to exceptional performance.

Amino acids bolster muscle building and eliminate fats in the body. They additionally help to enhance stamina and strength.

Along with this, they enable the body to recover quickly and completely so that the athlete is ready for the next challenge. The following are the six best amino acids for top athletic performance:

  • Arginine is an alpha-amino acid which is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. Arginine is one of the most vital amino acids which is required by the athletes. It ensures that there is an increase in blood supply to the muscles. It promotes growth as it causes the release of growth hormones. It leads to muscle development and reduces the fat build up. It plays an integral role in building up the stamina of the athlete. In addition to this, arginine helps in blood circulation by the production of Nitrogen oxide.
  • Alanine is a standout amongst the most inexhaustible amino acids in the body. It is created by muscle cells. It is essential for forming proteins and it leads to the production of glucose. Hence, it provides the body with the required energy to compete. It should be a key component in every athlete's diet.
  • Carnitine is necessary for an athlete's strength and stamina buildup. It is a notable fat burning amino acid and uses up lipids in order to supply energy to the body. Along with this, it increases the buildup of muscles in an athlete's body.
  • Creatine is a key component in every athlete’s diet. Not only does it help develop strength by building up muscles but it also helps in recovery of the body.  
  • Glutamine aids in decreasing the muscle breakdown while at the same time it builds it up. It plays a decisive role in the transportation of nitrogen, metabolism, and growth. The body of an athlete tends to run out of glutamine, as a result, it supply needs to be replenished regularly.
  • BCAAs consist of valine, isoleucine, and leucine. It is the most extensively used amino acids. Its purpose is to increase the fitness level of athletes that consume it. It does this by increasing the release of growth hormones and synthesis of muscles.

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