3 Key Nutrients That Will Give Your Sperm More Vitality & Motility

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From various medical studies, it has been established that the major cause of infertility in couples is due to male infertility. This idea is quite unknown and usually women end up having themselves tested.

Initially, the thought that a male could be infertile is something not generally acceptable. What people fail to understand is that male fertility is a very complex issue and there is still a lot of research on this subject.

Increasing the vitality of sperm would mean making males more fertile and allowing them to fertilize a cell that could result in a positive pregnancy test.  Sperm vitality can now be increased by taking supplements and additional nutrients. This topic might still be gray but through research and development there is a clearer picture.

Amino acids play a crucial role in affecting the sperm vitality. Though there are many external factors as well like the right kind of temperatures, proper erection, a perfect balance of hormones, and then only the sperm is able to fertilize.

The three key ingredients that can be used in the form of supplements or additional nutrients to help in boosting the sperm vitality are given below:

  1. Arginine:

This substance is responsible for the dilatation of the blood vessels during circulation. It also helps regulate the blood supply in blood vessels.

The sperm head contains Arginine.

Every sperm head that contains the sufficient amount of Arginine is the one that is capable of fertilizing an egg. In cases of infertility, it has been medically proven that the absence of Arginine in the sperm head fails to fertilize the ovum.

  1. Carnitine:

It is formed from the mixture of two amino acids which are the Lysine and Methionine. This amino acid combination is responsible for breaking down the fatty acids in the body to energy.

This helps the body remain energetic.

The breakdown of fat into energy is vital for our body and at the same time to ensure sperm vitality. Through medical research it has been proven that presence of Carnitine helps in increasing the sperm count which in turn increases the chances of fertility.

  1. Glutathione:

This is an antioxidant and it is considered as one of the most effective and powerful antioxidants that is produced by the body. The presence of this antioxidant helps in reduction of attacks from free radical when the sperm is released.

Through a study, it has been found that nearly 30% to 80% infertility is caused due to the attack on sperm from free radicals which oxidizes the sperm and reduce its vitality.

Though there are many supplements in the markets that boast about increasing sperm motility and male fertility, but it is highly advisable that these amino acids and nutrients are gained through a proper diet and healthy lifestyle on a consistent daily basis.

There are fruits like tomatoes, which are rich in antioxidants that help in increasing the power of sperm to combat free radicals and remain un oxidized.

Then there are Walnuts, which are rich in omega three fatty acids, and which help the body break it down to healthy energy which also boosts sperm vitality.

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